With proper training and tools, your crews can perform All Terrain Technical Rescue (ATTR) functions with precision. Rescuepax will train your crews to exceed NFPA standards and mission expectations safely and efficiently in complex rescue situations.

Using innovative methods for creating an interactive training environment, crews leave our trainings completely prepared and recharged with a new approach to addressing their issues. This unique combination of practicality and common sense removes the barriers to learning and allows every crew member to get the very most from their experience.


RESCUEPAX offers a variety of in-water, shoreline, and tough terrain based training for rescue teams. All of our training includes a core of fundamental knowledge and skills, but we also tailor the course to your specific response priorities.
*Swiftwater/Open Water/Frigid Water/Ice Rescue
*Low/High Angle Rope Rescue
*Wilderness/Off Road Rescue
*Confined Space/Grain Bin Rescue
*Public Safety sUAS Program Management
*FF Health and Wellness


Having the proper equipment to accomplish your mission is essential. Your equipment must be rugged and durable as well as reliable and efficient.
It is our goal to assist you in developing your customized ATTR Equipment Pack that will meet the demanding requirements of your challenges.
*Rope and Rigging Equipment
*Water and Ice Rescue Equipment
*Patient Packaging and Transport Equipment
*sUAS and Imaging Equipment
*Health and Nutrition Supplements